Students Learning English Literacy and all the basics required

Uganda is home to the largest population of refugees on the continent of Africa and is has a relatively welcoming refugee support structure.

Refugees in Uganda are allowed freedom of movement (to either reside in UNHCR-supported settlements or move to Kampala/other locations of their choice), they have the right to work, and school age children and youth are legally allowed to attend school.

English is the national language of Uganda and is an essential skill for those refugees who wish to pursue an education or engage in formal work opportunities. All schools and offices in Uganda use English, yet most refugees arrive with little or no English language capabilities.

The Solidarity Eden Foundation Language Development Program supports refugee youth with learning English more quickly, as well as with building their confidence using English in order to better prepare them for success in the Ugandan society. From Monday to Friday, more than 150 refugees have the opportunity to attend a 2 hour English language course from 8:30am to 10:30 am local.